Soon we will have the opportunity to take a very important step in winning a more secure future for ourselves and our families when we form our Teamsters Union! Finally, we will have the voice we need in the workplace too.

If you have any questions please ask a member of the W.B. Union Organizing Committee during non work hours or call Local 25 Organizer Chris Smolinsky @ 617-242-4284


Union Campaign and WB Mason's Illegal Response: When a group of WB Masons' supply drivers and helpers at its South Boston location came together in the fall of 2015 to try to improve their working conditions and have a voice in the workplace, they were met with a vicious anti-union campaign from WB Mason's management and its hired gun union buster.

Thirty-eight of the forty-four employees in the group signed a union card seeking to have Teamsters Local 25 represent them in the workplace. The workers even held rally in support of union representation prior to work one morning. Within days after requesting WB Mason recognize and negotiate with Teamsters Local 25, WB Mason responded with an unlawful, anti-union rampage. It summarily fired six Union supporters, and interrogated and threatened other Union supporters. It withheld the employees' annual raise and blamed it on the union. WB also offered selective transfers, raises, promotions and benefits in order to discourage support for the Union.

Teamsters Fight Back: However, Teamsters Local 25 filed numerous unfair labor practices on behalf of the employees with the National Labor Relations Board over the terminations, threats, and loss of benefits at WB Mason. Because the intimidation and coercion at WB Mason were so pervasive in this case, Local 25 also asked the Board for a bargaining order requiring WB Mason to recognize and bargain with the Union. Bargaining orders are rarely granted by the NLRB, only in cases where there are numerous and extreme unfair labor practices that prevent the holding of a fair election. After investigation, Region One of the NLRB issued a Complaint on Local 25's charges in April of this year.

We Won: On Friday, November 4, 2016, an administrative law judge from the National Labor Relations Board sided with the Teamsters and found WB Mason guilty of numerous, serious unfair labor practices. He stated, "Because of [WB Mason's] egregious and widespread misconduct, demonstrating a general disregard for the employee's fundamental rights, I find it necessary to issue a broad Order requiring [WB Mason] to cease and desist from infringing in any other manner on rights guaranteed employees by Section 7 of the Act." The judge also found that because of WB Mason's numerous violations of the law, a fair election cannot be held, and ordered WB Mason to recognize and bargain with Teamsters Local 25 and issue the reinstatement of the 5 fired employees along with back pay and lost wages.

As it stands today, Teamsters Local 25 will begin negotiations on behalf of the supply drivers and helpers at the South Boston facility.

"Teamsters Local 25 stood up to the intimidation these workers faced from WB Mason's illegal firings, threats and interrogation. We are pleased that the judge and NLRB recognized WB Mason's actions for what they were - blatant, unlawful, union busting," said Teamsters Local 25 President Sean O'Brien. He added, "It is ironic that WB Mason was calling the Teamsters 'thugs' during the organizing campaign. When the record of what was really going on was established in this case, it is very clear who the 'thugs' were."

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