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. In July 2024, on the working mirror of the Vavada (Вавада зеркало) casino, we will publish a review of health programs from Teamsters and proposals for integrating such programs into the Vavada online casino. See our partners website.


Calling all Future Teamster Leaders

We need to look ahead and envision future generations of proud Teamsters.  We appreciate the sacrifice and determination by those who came before us.  We strive to preserve and improve present working conditions and we pledge to pass on and promote this institutional knowledge onto the future.

The Teamsters Local 25 Futures Committee provides a platform for young workers to mobilize themselves and cultivate leaders who know what it truly means to be a Teamster.  Come and learn more about the core values of being a Teamster in one of the largest, strongest, and most historic Local Unions in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

If you have the drive, if you have the passion, if you have the determination, why not start with your own union?

If you are thinking about your future, secure it by stepping up to the plate with like-minded, young Teamsters who are ready to lead and take on the many battles that lay ahead.

In Solidarity



Family Day Cookout 2021
Family Day Cookout 2021
Family Day Cookout 2019
Futures Committee at Organizing Drive                                                                      
Annual Halloween Parade
Futures Committee at St. Monica’s Food Pantry 2020







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