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Chapter 25 DRIVE

Our Chapter 25 Drive program is very important to our members and their families. It is imperative that we financially support candidates for public office that understand Teamster issues in the workplace. Corporations spend large amounts of money to try to influence legislation and push their anti-worker agenda. Each year corporations out spend us by a 15 to 1 margin.

With your personal financial support, Local 25 can actively support candidates for public office. Your voluntary contribution will help pay for:

  • Direct campaign contributions to incumbent candidates and first-time candidates
  • Voter registration programs
  • Rallies
  • Press Conferences
  • Phone Banking
  • Mailings
  • Campaign signs and bumper stickers

The Teamsters Chapter 25 Drive Program is funded only through personal contributions from our Local 25 membership. Federal Law prohibits soliciting or accepting DRIVE contributions from the general public. Only Teamster members, exempt Teamster employees and the family members of both groups are allowed to contribute to DRIVE.

We need your support! Please consider sending a minimum personal contribution of $52.00 (which is equivalent to $1.00 per week). Please complete the enclosed DRIVE card and place with check into the self addressed stamped envelope.

Please make check payable to: “Teamsters Chapter 25 Drive

(The Teamsters Chapter 25 Drive Program is non-partisan and independent from any political party)

Thank you in advance for your financial support of this critical program at Teamsters Local Union No. 25.


President / Principal Officer

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